References - national

  • Ministry of Defence of the Czech Republic; Ministry of the Interior of the Czech Republic; Ministry of Industry and Trade of Czech Republic; TA CR – Technology Agency of the Czech Republic
  • Academic and Research Institutions (University of Defence Brno; CTU in Prague; Brno Univerzity of Technology; VUSTAH Brno; SÚJB, Praha)
  • Members of the Defence and Security Industry Association of the Czech Republic (B.O.I.S. - FILTRY, s.r.o.; ERA, a. s.; EXPLOSIA, a.s.; EXCALIBUR ARMY, spol. s r.o.; ORITEST, s.r.o.; RETIA, a. s.; SVS FEM, s.r.o.; TATRA Trucks, a. s.; VTÚ, s. p.)
  • Other important partners (BOGGES, spol. s r. o.; MEDTEC-VOP, spol. s r. o.; Prototypa-ZM, s.r.o.; RAMET, s. r. o.; TATRA Defence Vehicle, a. s.; URC Systems, spol. s r. o.; VKV Horák, s.r.o.)


References – foreign

  • Global institutions (NAAG – NATO Army Armaments Group, JCBRN Defence COE, Vyškov; NAFAG – NATO Air Force Armaments Group, STO – NATO Science and Technology Organization); OPCW, Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons, Netherlands)
  • The European institutions (EDA, European Defence Agency, Belgium; ESA, European Space Agency, France – Headquarters)
  • National academic and research institutions (FOCP, Federal Office for Civil Protection, Suisse; UniFRONTr.l., Spin-Off Dell´Universita´ di Padova, Italy; Lincoln Laboratory, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, U.S.A.; Midwest Research Institute, MRI Global, Missouri, U.S.A.; ONERA, Palaiseau, France)
  • Other important partners (BERTIN Technologies, France – Headquarters; BRUKER Daltonik GmbH, Leipzig, Germany; CRISTANINI SpA, Italy; DRÄGER, Germany; EVENT HORIZON, Institute of Explosive Engineering, United Kingdom; HOTZONE Solutions Group, Netherlands – Headquarters; Kiple Acquisition Science Technology Logistics & Engineering, U.S.A.; LEONARDO, Italy – Headquarters; MESH, Micro Engineering Software & Hardware Inc., U.S.A.; SMITH Detection, United Kingdom; VALIANT, California, U.S.A.)
  • Military institutions (Bundesheer ABC-Abwehrschule, Austria; RNLA, Royal Netherlands Army, Netherlands; IDF, Israel Defence Forces, Israel; U. S. Departament of Defense – DTRA, U.S.A.; JPEO-CBRND, S.A.)