Reference Czech Republic

  • University of defence Brno, CBRN institut,
  • VUT Brno, Faculty of chemistry,
  • VUT Brno, Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Communication,
  • MU Brno, National Centre for Biomolecular Research,
  • Institute of Thermodynamics AV Praha,
  • Institute of Inorganic Chemistry AV Řež u Prahy,
  • EXPLOSIA a.s., VÚPCH Pardubice
  • SVOS spol s r.o., Přelouč
  • EXCALIBUR ARMY spol. s r.o., Praha
  • SVS-FEM Brno, s r.o.
  • WAVE SYSTEMS spol. s r.o.
  • ČVUT FEL Praha
  • Poličské strojírny a.s., Polička
  • BOGGES, spol. s r.o.

External Reference

  • STEYR - DAIMLER - PUCH Spezialfahrzeug GmbH, Vienna, Austria
  • The Federal Minister of Defence and Sports of the Republic of Austria, Vienna, Austria
  • EM. TRONIC d.o.o, Maribor, Slovenija
  • Scientific - Industrial Centre of Professional Electronics "RADWAR" S.A., Warsaw, Poland
  • OWR GmbH, Elztal - Rittersbach, Germany
  • OTO MELARA, La Spezia, Italy
  • TNO Defence Security and Safety, Den Haag, The Netherlands
  • Europien Defence Agency (EDA),Bruxelles, Belgique
  • Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW), The Hague, The Netherlands
  • Institute of Chemistry Tallinn University of Technology , Tallinn, Estonia
  • Hot Zone SolutionsBenelux, B.V., The Hague, The Netherlands
  • North Atlantic Treaty Organization NATO HQ, Bruxelles, Belgique
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  • The Netherlands Ministry of Defence, The Hague, The Netherlands
  • CRISTANINI S.p.A., Rivoli Verona, Italy
  • The Ministry of Defence of the Republic of India, New Delbi, India
  • The Ministry of Defence of the State of Israel, Mission in Paris, France
  • BERTIN Technilogies, Saint - Quentin en Yvelines CDX, France

Založení konsorcia WICHiR Warszawa
Consortium WICHiR Warszawa, WITI Wroclaw and MRI Brno solutions to defense research projects by the national agencies to support research, development and innovation. Warszawa 10th December 2013.