Military Research Institute, state enterprise, is the only state-owned company issued by Ministry of Defence that holds the character of a research institute.

It ensures meeting strategic and other significant interests of the state in the field of defence and security, the development of capacities of the Army of the Czech Republic, armed forces and the Emergency System of the Czech Republic as well as it performs the activities of industrial and business nature to ensure supplies and services needed to guarantee the defence and safety of the Czech Republic and discharges liabilities based on the membership in NATO and the EU.

VVÚ performs research and experimental development assignments connected to higher innovations, mainly the technology of ground forces, materiel in the core fields of specialisation that are chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear protection and connected fields, such as chemical protection of the army, sensors, electronic and cybernetic warfare, camouflage and deception, special metal and non-metal materials, technology of surface protection, the system of quality and the technology of logistics.