Mission VVU

According to the Community Framework for State Aid for Research and Development and Innovation 2006/C 323/01, article 2.2. Definition, paragraph d), these activities are the mission of VVU:

  • the research and experimental development to ensure defence and security of the state in the fields of technology and providing services connected to higher innovations, mainly ground military technique, materiel and logistics in the core fields of specialised authorities, such as:
    • chemical, biological and radiological protection and connected fields of chemical protection of forces,
    • sensors, electronic and cybernetic warfare, camouflage and deception,
    • special metal and non-metal materials, technology of surface protection, the system of quality and the technology of logistics;
  • the research aimed at the protection of inhabitants against weapons of mass destruction, chemical and/or nuclear and radiation accidents, chemical, electronic and cybernetic terrorism and attacks on significant objects of state infrastructure;
  • providing specialised support and services in the field technological, organisational and economic activities associated with or related to the armament of the Army of the Czech Republic: Ministry of Defence (MO AČR)???, organisations, companies and research institutions of the Czech Republic;
  • research and production of extremely dangerous chemical substances and dangerous chemical compounds and selling chemical substances and compounds classified as highly toxic for research and training purposes;
  • conducting contractual expertises and trials, ensuring specialised preparation and the training of the Army of the Czech Republic, Ministry of the Interior of the Czech Republic, foreign armies and the employees of international organisations for the activities connected to the detection, identification, protection and destruction of the effects of the use or misuse of weapons of mass destruction.

The inseparable part of VVU activities is to publish findings and their propagation via scientific articles, education and training.