Realised projects


Technology for crew rescue from crashed and damaged military armoured vehicles

The project deals with the technology for crew self-rescue and for entering the crashed or damaged military vehicle in order to rescue the crew through the blocked access ports, windows or through armour protection (hull) of military armoured vehicles. The result is preparation and verification of procedures and needed material equipment of key military vehicles in the Army of the Czech Republic permanently integrated devices for fast opening of blocked entrance openings for light and middle armoured military vehicles.


Eco-friendly coating systems for military equipment with camouflage effects and resistance against decontamination agents

The project dealt with the research and verification of new coating substances without content of hexavalent chromium. The resulting solutions of coating systems ensuring climatic and corrosion resistance of the metal components of military equipment combined with the camouflage effects and resistance against decontamination agents used in the decontamination of personnel and military equipment.