The Department of Testing


Department of Testing provides testing of ballistic and mine resistance of military vehicles, objects as well as samples of materials and composites in the phases of research, development and prototype design. Military Research Institute, is empowered by Czech Ministry of Defence as the National Authority on STANAG 4569, STANAG 4686, and STANAG 2920, STANAG 4630, STANAG 4370 and STANAG 4272.

The research, development and assignments of technological assistance are aimed at the anti-corrosion protection of military vehicles and material, which are inevitable to be solved in the period of their demanded life time. Several methods and surface treatments are used in anti-corrosion protection, i.e. decreasing negative effects appearing when in interaction of materials with environment. Several of them can have negative ecological aspects and when handled inappropriately, even on human health. The objective of the solved assignments is the optimisation of anti-corrosion protection of military vehicles and material when in operation, storage and long-term depositions from the point of view protective efficiency as well as economy and ecology.

Main areas of interest:

Testing of ballistic, mine and IED´s resistance

  • Ballistic resistant materials,
  • Ballistic protection of individuals – bullet proof vest, etc.,
  • Resistance of military vehicles against mines and IED´s,
  • Certification of ballistic, mine and IED´s solutions,
  • Active ballistic protection.

Testing of surface treatment quality

  • Testing climatic and anti-corrosion resistance of coating systems and products,
  • Metallic and non-metallic coating,
  • Thermal sprayed coatings and plasma sprayed coatings,
  • Coating systems, inhibitors, preservatives and packaging materials.

Expertise and consultancy activities

  • Technological consultancy in the field of degreasing, chemical pre-modifications of surfaces and galvanic modifications of metals,
  • Designing temporary protection of metals (preservation, passivation, inhibition and packing).