Realised projects

ACTIVE PROTECTION II – System of active ballistic protection

Significant enhancement of the protection of personnel and military vehicles against the threat of anti-tank devices, mainly RPG and this way increasing the survivability of armoured vehicles and crews deployed in current as well as future military conflicts.

NATOKOD – Data Management in Uniform System of Cataloging following the codification of logistics information to NATO.

The automation data update based on semantic analyses of the large-scale databases, which provides at the NATO Codification System, into Uniform System of Cataloging Military Material in the Czech Republic.

Light-weight Reactive Armour

The project is aimed at research, development and construction of light-weight reactive armour applicable on lightly armoured vehicles and objects and able to eliminate or substantially decrease the effects of contemporary hand held anti-tank weapons with tandem cumulative warhead. The objective of the solution was to achieve experimental data to manufacture the modular system of light-weight dynamic armour intended for vehicles and objects used in hazardous areas. Developed and verified solution allows the elimination or substantial decrease in the effects of weapons, such as RPG-7V, RPG-29 and Panzerfaust 3T.