The Department of Technology


The research and the development are aimed at application and testing mainly of metal materials and technologies of their treatment.

In the field of expertise, the department deals with the determination of the causes of accidents and operation malfunctions mainly for military, but also for civilian vehicles. Among further activities belong determination of material-technological causes of deficiencies appearing in manufacturing process and another analysis of structure-mechanic characteristics of construction materials.

When dealing with these issues, SMI experimental base formed by Testing material laboratory (mechanical and structural properties) including laboratories of heat treatment is used.

To solve the issues in the field of defence standardisation, we focus on the fulfilling of the demands of Defence Standardisation, Codification and Government Quality Assurance Authority Assets Codification Department in Prague, which are given by the Plan of defence standardisation of Ministry of Defence and is based on the Act No. 309/2000 Coll. This act states that defence standardisation involves the accession of the Czech Republic to standardisation agreements of NATO, creating Czech defence standards and ways how to conduct them.

Main areas of interest

  • Metal highly efficient construction materials intended for manufacturing of weapon systems.
  • Materials intended for manufacturing of ammunition (for instance EFP).
  • Materials intended for passive ballistic protection of military vehicles.
  • Testing needed for the research and expert activities including monitoring extremely high speed processes (high speed camera REDLAKE MotionXtra HG-XL).
  • Research in the field of reactive protection, materials and testing of materials for reactive protection systems, testing efficiency of reactive protection.
  • Research and development in the field of active protection systems, materials and testing of materials including research in the field of sensor systems. Testing efficiency of active protection.
  • Creating Czech Defence Standards including material or technological issues solved in SMI.

High-performance construction materials and materials designated for weaponry manufacturing

Solving issues of using high-strength materials for manufacturing of military and other vehicles.

Aimed at selection of suitable materials and manufacturing technology, mainly heat treatment and welding. Solving issues of protection of armoured vehicles against shoulder-fired anti-tank RPG weapons using SLAT armour.

Successful test of SLAT armour – elimination of PG-7V threat

Successful test of SLAT armour – elimination of PG-7V threat

Aktivní ochrana vojenské techniky

Experimental verification of APS prototype function (counter-measure defeats PG-7V warhead)

Test rig with APS AO II prototype (boxes with counter-measure EFA and sensors system)