Realised projects

Repairs of metal and composite armours – OKP

The project deals with the field reparation of military vehicles armour to ensures the original protection capability.

The result is the certification of functional samples of repaired armours.

Effects of small-calibre armour-piercing projectiles on layered armour with ceramic front layer (photography of front side of armour)

Effects of small-calibre armour-piercing projectiles on layered armour with ceramic front layer (x-ray photography on the right)

Ageing of plastics and rubbers - service life enhancement - STAR

Project solves degradation of plastics and rubbers by service fluids and external environment.

Project objectives:

  • Formation of standard for monitoring of protective masks tightness in their life cycle.
  • Proposal of methodical procedure for acquisition process, storage and exploitation of plastics and rubbers with reference to monitoring and extension of their lifetime.
  • Creation of database of steadiness and degradation of plastic and rubber parts used in military vehicles.

Numerical simulation of penetration of metal ball through five-layer aramid laminate.

Blast resistant systems applied for citizens protection – PROSO

The project deals with the research and development of special materials suitable for the absorption of the shockwave energy and for stopping of fragments. These materials will be consequently applied in designing of the blast resistant baskets of several protection levels, of blast resistant luggage box and storage box and of blast resistant boxes for transport of suspicious objects.

Test rig TO-B

Improvement of the efficiency of the personal ballistic protection - PROBAL

The project dealt with increasing the efficiency of devices of ballistic protection of a soldier in the Army of the Czech Republic and ensuring their protection against newly used advanced small arms ammunition and fragments.

Functional sample

Protection of temporary military structure build and used by AČR – OCHRABUD

The project dealt with designing the materials, technologies and protection systems suitable for temporary military structure protection against explosion of the conventional ammunition and improvised explosive devices (IED).

Concrete protective element

EDA projects (European Defence Agency).

EFP - Development of New Technology to protect armoured vehicles against explosively formed projectiles.

Demonstrator of vehicle VEGA with increased protection against EFP

PREPAV - Development Passive and Reactive Protection of Light and Medium Armoured Vehicles against Shaped Charges (SC) Threat 2012.

TRAM - Development of New Transparent Materials for Armour Applications).

Resistance of transparent materials against AP ammunition