Metallic, ceramic, polymeric and composite armours.

Solutions of metal and non-metal armoured systems resistant against shots, fragments and extreme dynamic loads increasing protection of military vehicles and their crews against existing and perspective threats. Research of armour materials of metal, ceramics, polymers, composites and technology of production for new devices of passive protection of military platforms, mainly regarding their terminal ballistic resistance. Aimed at new types of layered armoured structures for the devices of armoured protection of light and middle armoured military vehicles.

Thickness 23 mm; Areal weight maximum 49 kg.m2

Thickness 70 mm; Areal weight maximum 75 kg.m2

Testing dummy HYBRID III used in vehicles during blast tests.

Transparent armours

Solving issues of transparent armoured systems usable for applications in constructions of various protections of mobile objects. The research of new transparent armoured materials for ballistically highly resistance armoured systems distinguished by low weight and extreme resistance against armour-piercing small-calibre ammunition and fragments. Aimed at material, technological and construction solutions of transparent armours of new generation (armour visors, front screens and windows of ground and air military vehicles, etc.).

Transparent armours after shooting tests.

Transparent armours after shooting tests.

Ballistic protection of soldier

Solutions of increasing resistance of devices of ballistic protection of individual – personal armours. Research and evaluation of new technologies, i.e. material and technological solutions of soft and hard armour systems of new material with lower weight and higher ballistic resistance against small arms ammunition from various types of firearms and fragments. Aimed at new construction solutions of separate components of body armour increasing mobility and comfort when using personal protection (bullet-proof vest, additional hard panels, etc.).