The Department of Special Materials


The research and development are aimed at the evolution of new materials and advanced technologies of their manufacturing for passive armour of military platforms and objects against projectiles, fragments and blast.

The main areas of interest are metallic, ceramic, composite opaque armours and layered transparent protection based on metals, ceramics, glass and polymer materials to increase ballistic and blast resistance of newly-introduced and existing military platforms.

Main areas of interest:

  • Layered ceramic and composite armours increasing the protection of military platforms and their crews against existing and perspective threat (small calibre projectiles, fragments, artillery shells, explosive devices etc.). Aimed at armoured protection of light and middle armoured military platforms.
  • Transparent armours usable in constructions of protection of military objects against small-calibre shots and fragments. Aimed at armour visors, front screens and windows of ground and air military vehicles etc.
  • Ballistic protection of soldier to increase efficiency of devices of ballistic protection of individuals. Aimed at construction solutions of separate components of body armour of soldier, increasing their mobility and comfort when using personal protection, i.e. bullet-proof vest, additional panels etc.
  • Polymer components in military platforms, increasing operational and functional reliability of military platforms. Aimed at ageing, resistance against environment, life time and replacements of plastic and rubber components in military vehicles.
  • Expertise on causes of accidents and malfunctions of military vehicles (mechanical properties, metallography, scanning electron microscopy).
  • Designing materials for specific demanded applications.
  • Solving current problems according to demands of customer.
  • Advisory activities for customers.