Capabilities of division

The main task of the Division of Materials Engineering (SMI) are research, development, testing and expertise in the field of materials and technologies necessary for the protection and security of the Czech Republic as well as for fulfilling liabilities to NATO and the EU based on the membership of the Czech Republic.

The most significant profile fields of the division are advanced material and technological solutions of armour in military platforms. The division is focused on ensuring and increasing the performance of military platforms against projectiles, fragments and a blast based on current and future needs of the Army of the Czech Republic and NATO. Several of the solutions are implemented into the armament of the Army of Czech Republic.

The most significant fields of activities are as follows:

  • advanced materials and technologies of their processing and applications,
  • testing of materials, anti-corrosion protection and expert activities,
  • metal, ceramic and composite armour materials,
  • passive, reactive and active systems of ballistic protection,
  • the protection of vehicles and objects against a blast,
  • performing activities of National Authority for STANAG 4569, 4686, 2920, 4630, 4370 and 4272.