The organisation of training

If not stated otherwise, the training of clients with toxic substances is usually planned in 5-day training cycles Monday-Friday (so-called training weeks). The length of a training day should be longer than 10-hour training at most (i.e. at most 12 hours from the point of view of training supplier)

Compulsory content given by legislative of the Czech Republic:

  • Series of lectures of Occupational Safety and Health (see the Law no. 262/2006 Legal Code – labour code, § 103, letter g),
  • Blood-taking 1-3 to verify the level of Cholinesterase when working with organophosphate toxic substances (see the Regulation of Ministry of Defence no. 79/2013 of Legal Code about employment-healthcare services, appendix 2),
  • Training of the First Aid (see the Law no. 262/206 Legal Code – labour code § 102, paragraph 6),
  • Compulsory content given by company rules PŘ-026/1 to train with toxic substances, i.e. conducting the previous training with the substances simulating toxic substances.

General scheme how to conduct training with toxic substances

Personal safety at the training with toxic substances

The possible minimal composition of safety staff is given in the figure. There can be more members of the staff depending on the complexity of training and assignment. Personnel marked red work in (attached/placed) personal protective equipment (PPE). Personal needs in basic composition of safety staff is 11 – 12 people, not counting the inevitability to change personnel when working (for instance thermal load), when during training, it is impossible to regulate body temperature, for instance drinking beverages.