Logistic support

  • Accommodation
    Apart from using the accommodation of the outdoor facility (30 people), there is a possibility to arrange accommodation in the military facility of Vyškov crew or in the hotels in the city of Vyškov, Prostějov, or Brno depending on free rooms.
  • Food
    As for the outdoor testing facility does not have own restaurant, we subcontract commercial provider of food services, which offers participants of training not only little daily refreshments, but also hot (cold) meals via buffet tables directly in the area of the outdoor facility. According to the demands of a customer, it is possible to ensure special dietary requirements.
  • Transportation
    According to the demands of a customer, it is possible to ensure the demands on transportation using commercial provider of transport services (transport from the airport to the place of accommodation and back, from the place of accommodation to the outdoor testing facility in Vyškov and back).
  • Finance
    A customer pays all costs of the contractor based on ensuring merchandise and services, which are provided according to a contract concluded between a customer and a contractor.


  • Army of the Czech Republic,
  • Emergency System of the Czech Republic,
  • NATO,
  • Hotzone Solutions, BV
  • OPCW,
  • some NATO armies,
  • other armies and organisations.