Realised projects


Deployable field radiometric laboratory – Development of deployable containerised radiometric laboratory.

Deployed field transportable laboratory AL-2/r (radiometric). Introduced into the armament of the Army of the Czech Republic in the year 2008.


The research in the field of calibration methods, the measurement and evaluation of results applicable on currently used devices in the Army of the Czech Republic (integrated in field transportable radio-metric laboratory AL-2/r, laboratory SIRA and gamma spectrometry (spectrometer) IRIS).

Work at in-situ analyses of gamma radiation in sludge lagoons DIAMO-GEAM.


The development of the set of a light armoured reconnaissance vehicle aimed at conducting CBRN reconnaissance. The dosimetry group has participated in the work connected to the subsystem of monitoring radiation situation, robotic reconnaissance system, automatic portable monitoring device, the system of detection of potentially biological aerosols, the conception and solution of systematic integration of special chemical extension, the conception of technical means of data transfer, internal communication etc. 2009–2013.

Set of light armoured reconnaissance vehicle S-LOV-CBRN

Reconnaissance UGV ORPHEUS AC (part of S-LOV-CBRN)


Research into sampling methods, conservation and the transport of samples contaminated by chemical warfare agents, toxic industrial chemicals, biological warfare agents and radioactive materials corresponding with the requirements of NATO AEP-66 norm. The dosimetry group participates mainly in the field connected to the radioactive materials.

Irradiation experiment at the tests of dosimetric sensors of UAV.