Group of Special Dosimetry


Applied research and experimental development are mainly aimed at the methods of sampling, the processing and analyses of samples contaminated by radioactive materials, new methods for collection, processing and measuring of samples, the means and systems of radiation reconnaissance and monitoring ionising radiation, the issues of radiation protection and mathematical modelling of transport of ionising radiation in complex material environment.

Main areas of interest

  • Means of reconnaissance and monitoring of ionising radiation. System integration of comprehensive reconnaissance and monitoring systems.
  • Automation of systems and processes in the field of CBRN defence.
  • Fully automated and robotic means of reconnaissance in the field of CBRN defence.
  • Sampling methods and technologies, processing and analyses samples contaminated by radioactive materials.
  • Experimental works in the field of qualified sampling and analysing potentially radioactive environmental samples.
  • Experimental in-situ gamma spectrometry.
  • Irradiation works in the beam of gamma radiation with dose-rate up to 5 mSv.h-1.
  • Experimental works with open sources of ionising radiation in the radiometric laboratory and in the outdoor facility.
  • Stochastic modelling of radiation transport in complex material environment using systems MCNP/MCNPX.
  • Creating Czech Defence Standards in the field of measurement and ionising radiation protection.