Realised projects

Protective masks OM-90 (general military)

Replacement of outdated protective mask M-10(M).

Protective mask OM-90.

Ventilated anti-chemical isolation clothing OPCH-05

Replacement of outdated clothing OPCH-90. Development of protective clothing compatible with OM-90.

Ventilated anti-chemical isolation clothing OPCH-05.

Distribution of compressed air

Distribution of compressed air for the crew of radiation and chemical reconnaissance vehicle S-LOV-CBRN (the system of the collective isolation protection of respiratory organs). The development of this part within the development of a reconnaissance vehicle 2010 – 2012.

ISOLATION – The research of construction components and assembly groups for the isolating skin protection equipment.

The research of the stability of the construction materials and components of the individual protective equipment under the conditions of natural and accelerated ageing according to NATO standardisation documents, Czech Defence Standardisation and Czech technical norms.

NANOMATERIALS – The research of possibilities of the application of nano-technologies and nano-materials in anti-chemical protection

Using selected nano-technologies and nano-materials when modernising materials and devices used in the armament of the Army of the Czech Republic or when developing new protective equipment and the materials meeting current and perspective NATO requirements.

Testing air tightness of protective mask

Testing breakthrough time against mustard of insulating materials MIKROTEST

Testing breakthrough time against mustard of air-permeable materials MINITEST

Testing the gas tightness of driver's cabin S-LOV-CBRN